Aluel M.B Atem is a Development Economist who has a keen interest in Gender and Conflict Transformation. She is an African Feminist Activist who believes change is not only limited to offline and in-person engagements, media too is an effective tool for social change. She utilizes every space she occupies to initiate and or challenge narratives that reinforce gender stereotypes and roles. She hosts Gender Talk 211 an African-Feminist platform where South Sudanese explore and share resources, knowledge, experiences and skills that facilitate conversations on Gender. She Co-Founded Crown the Woman-South Sudan and currently sits on the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring and Verification Mechanism Board as the South Sudan Women’s Coalition for Peace Representative.

Aluel globally facilitates trainings on Conflict Transformation Skills, coaches and mentors other trainers and facilitators. When she is not catching flights from country to country to facilitate trainings or doing any of the above, she writes for African Feminism and blogs here on her personal website about issues that affect the social status of women and girls especially in South Sudan.

Aluel is grateful for a lot of things and coffee for sure stays on top of that list.